Server Type Status
Asura PVP Online

Dear players, the server is open 05.07.2021.
Version of the game is similar to official server at the time of closing (Patch 92.04).
All content, all races and classes are available in the game.

Russian server of game TERA Online - Asura

elin seat

When every day is filled with routine and gray everyday life, and everything around seems boring and tiring, amazing worlds filled with magic and adventure come to the rescue.

And who among us has not once dreamed of finding himself in some other magical world inhabited by various mythical creatures?

On our server, you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of the fantasy world, the atmosphere of something bigger and unknown. Here you can choose a character from one of the seven races with a set of unique "racial skills" that give each of them a small advantage. Plus, each race has far more than one class, and the race wars have long ended by uniting everyone in the "Valkion Federation" to fight the argons.

TERA online offers typical MMORPG features such as quests, crafting, and PvP. The game uses a real-time combat system with a third-person view. To select a target, the player must continuously point the crosshair at it instead of selecting with the mouse or clicking through enemies (this feature is called "non-target" by the developer). Also, the player must actively evade attacks directed at him.

Changes made on the server

Dynamic rates

The server has dynamic rates for experience (up to x5), this allows you to balance the speed of character development and achieve a more complete immersion in the game.

Gold cost

We have lowered the required amount of gold for pumping awakened skills.


We have increased chance for successful enchant, while reducing it for downgrade and breakage. Chances are now always visible in the Enchant window.


We have restored, updated trophies and strengthened some of old dungeons, now you can enjoy their passage and get actual items.

Nexus Event

Participation can earn Style Coins, Goldfinger tokens, and other rewards.


We have added to sale for vanguard points items necessary for crafting, passing dungeons and playing comfortably.

1000+ costumes and styles

The fitting room is open for you!
You can buy costumes in the store, earn for activities in game, knock out or use for free by purchasing a stylish monthly subscription.

Habitual play style

We took launcher from the closed official TERA project as a basis and use a 32-bit client, which is less demanding on PCs..

Little about our project

Node.js + Bootstrap 4

The site developed at Node.js (express, ejs, sequelize, i18n) using Bootstrap 4 and Font Awesome 5.

Project development

We never stop working on the site and server, trying to add something new for you, not forgetting to fix old bugs.

Project team

Project administrator Alexander (in game Usagi), PHP, Java and JavaScript developer.

Project GM Lena (in game Yumi) has experience in administering Lineage II and RF Online servers.

Brief mini-guide about the server

System requirements


Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 (x32/x64)
Processor: AMD FX-4xxx / Intel Core i3
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 3870 / GeForce 9800
Memory (RAM): 4 GB
Hard disk space: 60 GB

Recommended requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 (x64)
Processor: AMD FX-6xxx / Intel Core i5
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 4890 / GeForce GTS 450
Memory (RAM): 8 GB
Hard disk space: 60 GB